Housing and Utilities Assistance

Having Trouble Paying Your Utilities or Rent?
We're Here to Help.

The Eviction Avoidance Fund works to help renters get the assistance they need to avoid utility shutoff or eviction. The Eviction Avoidance Fund is administered by the Physicians CareConnection (PCC).

Am I Eligible?

You may qualify if you can answer yes to the following questions.

  • Does your household income meet the program's limits?

  • Are you a renter household?

  • Has someone in your household (1) qualified for unemployment or (2) had a decrease in income or increase in expenses due to Covid-19?

  • Is someone in your household at risk for housing instability or homelessness?

How Can the Eviction Avoidance Fund Help Me?

Depending on your circumstances, EAF assistance may:

  • Bring your delinquent rent or utility bill(s) current.

  • Pay up to 3 months of future rent.

  • Provide a stipend for internet.

How Much Assistance is Available?

Every household's situation is different, so the amount of assistance you may receive will be specific to your needs.

Please have all your information and documents ready to ensure faster processing of your application. An application will not begin the review process until all information has been received.

If you are requesting rental assistance, make sure the amount you request will be accepted by your landlord. If they challenge the amount, it can delay your application's processing.

What Happens Next?

If you qualify for rent assistance, EAF will request approval from your landlord/property manager. If your landlord/property manager approves, EAF will send payments directly to them to bring your rent current.

If you qualify for utility assistance, the EAF will work with your utility company(ies). If your utility company(ies) approve, EAF will send payments directly to them to bring your utilities current.

If you qualify for internet assistance, EAF will send you an internet stipend.

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