Physicians CareConnection has achieved successful health care outcomes for high risk, hard to reach populations in central Ohio by centralizing care coordination services that connect people with the resources needed when trying to address critical health care needs.  Patients who have received services through PCC are experiencing an improved physical and mental health status, easier access to care, and a decrease in emergency room utilization. 

The core competency of PCC is care coordination.  Care coordination addresses the needs of patients as they navigate the health care system and works to provide them with the resources necessary to obtain health care services.  Care coordination interventions represent a wide range of approaches at the service delivery and systems level. Coordination for patients with complex health care needs often involves multiple participants who individually provide specialized knowledge, skills, and services, and who together potentially provide a comprehensive, coherent, and continuous response to a patient's unique health care needs. Through our unique model, we coordinate $500 worth of medical services per $100 donated: a 500% return on investment.

At PCC, we believe access + advocacy will make central Ohio healthier.

It’s no small task – and we can’t do it alone. It takes all of us, connected in care.

  • Our patients – people who are willing to say “yes” to their health – and to our help,
  • Our physicians – people who give time and talent to care for our central Ohio community,
  • Our staff – people who connect our patients to the information, support and resources they need,
  • And you– people who believe in our cause and help bring it to life by giving.

Whether you’re a person needing care,
a person providing care,
or a person believing in care access + advocacy for all...

It’s time to make a CareConnection.   

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Looking to donate in-kind gifts, such as diapers or medical supplies? Please email Soko at to find out more about what we are accepting at this time!